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Welcome to our online field trip reservation system. Please follow these steps to go through the system. At the end of the process you will have the chance to pay for the field trip in full now, or delay until you arrive on the day of your check-in, either option is okay, please do what works best for your school.

Teachers: Each time slot accommodates one class and has a minimum of 15 and maximum student total of 30. Each class gets one teacher and one aide free of charge. If you are booking for multiple classes, please select a check-in time for each class by adding additional reservations to your cart before clicking the Checkout button. You can remove a reservation from your cart by clicking on the trash can next to the time slot.


**Please note the price change effective for the 2018 season**


Step 1: Select a day that you would like to have your field trip.

Step 2: Check availability for that day by selecting your preferred check-in time. Please be aware that there may be
availability on the day you have selected just 15 minutes later, so please
be sure to check the surrounding times for a day that may work for you
before moving on to other options.

Step 3: Once you have completed selecting your reservations, hit Checkout to
continue on making the reservation.

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